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Servicing Multiple States

New South Wales

Australian Capital Territory



South Australia


Servicing Multiple States

Mike Snow (AABA Member Referred)
Servicing Qld, NSW, VIC, TAS, SA
Mike has been shearing alpacas for over 15 years and travels to you whether you have 2 alpacas or 200+. Shearing is done on tables and is quick and as stress free as possible.  Mike can also do vaccinations, worming, toenail trimming and ear tagging.
Mob: 0418 516 896

Bernie McInerney (AABA Member Referred)
Servicing Qld, NSW, VIC
Bernie resides in Goulburn NSW and travels north throughout Qld, then south through NSW and Vic each year beginning mid August.   Shearing is done on his own tables and is quick and as stress free as possible.  He also does nails, teeth if necessary, injections if needed and anything else you feel needs attention.
Tel: 02 4821 6298 after 6pm
Mob: 0429 668 240

Joe Hofer
Riverina, NSW and North East Victoria
Service also includes skirting the fleece, bagging and labeling and an honest opinion on what the fleece is suitable for (eg will make a great garment, outer wear only, rug weaving or the fruit trees are in need of mulch!!). We also do some vaccinations if needed. We only travel for 10 animals or more (we encourage those who have less than 10 to contact other alpaca owners in their area to get as many together at the one place to make travelling an option). We do any number at our place at any time that suits both parties.
Tel: 02 6026 3855
Mob: 0411 025 834


New South Wales

Peter Feldman
Mid North Coast
I shear mainly Mid North Coast, Hunter, Central Coast
I will travel for small herds.
I have a portable tilting table and mains or battery gear
Service includes toenail trimming. Vaccinations by arrangement.
Tel: 02 4997 7223
Mob: 0447 825 110

Peter Turner
Happy to shear pets, flock guards and small herds. Willing to travel up to 150 km from Geurie
Mob: 0419 996 457

Chris Power
Central Coast
Shear mainly Nowra, Goulburn/Crookwell, Orange/Bathurst/Wellington and Central Coast, but will travel most places for larger herds over 200. Alpaca shearer for 13 years as at the end of 2011, I also bring a person to help me tip the alpacas on their sides.  I shear on a padded mat on the floor and use all my own equipment, but you must provide shade/cover/shed as I will not shear in the sun.
Average between 85 to 100 per day, will shear smaller lots if you can arrange others to fit in around your area, lots of 2-10 will have to get them to a central area.
Mob: 0438 653 782

Andy Lewis
Based in Goulburn but will travel.
Tel: 02 4822 2141
Mob: 0427 222 141

Drew Shearman
Sydney to Grafton and as far out as Mudgee and Tamworth.
I shear sheep, goats and alpacas. I have been shearing now for just over 5 years. I carry my own plant at all times which consists of both battery and electric gear and all the equipment to shear, drench, vaccinate, crutch and trim hooves. I currently can shear between 35–50 alpacas a day and have a number of different ways in which I can shear depending on the animals and how the owner would like the fleece removed, as in show cuts and saddles in one piece. I can mark both lambs and goats if needed and have a lot of experience with animal care and animal husbandary products and procedures. I will travel for any number of animals and don’t mind shearing single animals or small mobs. If anyone requires further information or has any enquiries please don’t hesitate to give me a call.
Mob: 0427 924 493

Keith Faint
New England
I am an alpaca shearer located in Armidale NSW, but am willing to travel.
Tel: 02 6775 0224
Mob: 0447 739 563

Simon Warner
East Guyong near Millthorpe. Serving the Central West.
I also have ten years experience shearing sheep.
Tel: 02 6368 7229
Mob: 0429 687 22

Gerard Hogan
Northern Rivers
I have over 20 years shearing experience, with eight years of shearing alpacas and sheep in the Northern Rivers area. I have developed a transportable shearing crate for safe and easy restraining and shearing of alpacas.
Mob: 0418 675 129

Doug Baker
Southern NSW
I shear small mobs and will travel. I have a very good table and will shear ones, twos, or more on-site. I have all my own shearing plant. I do small mobs of sheep as well. I have a shearing trailer for them.
Mob: 0428 863 133


Australian Capital Territory

Ian Elkins
Ian Elkins is a shearer that is available to shear alpacas, goats and sheep in and around the ACT. He can supply his own plant and equipment. His alpaca table is very good. He has 28 years of experience:
• 4 times Australian Merino Shearing Champion
• 7 times Australian Shearer of the year
• TAFE Shearing Coach
Mob: 0417 496 815



David Pratt (AABA Member)
Haven (just outside Horsham Victoria)
I offer shearing and maintenance services including teeth, toe nails (if and when needed), vaccinations and will drench if requested.  I treat all alpacas as if they were my own, shear on a table and will travel to you for one or two animals or larger amounts for one person and will also work runs to suit an area/multiple farms in close proximity.
Mob: 0427 950 262

Keith Kat (AABA Member)
Servicing Greater Melbourne, Gippsland, East Gippsland & South Gippsland
I have been shearing alpacas for more than 5 years now and loving it. When shearing I want your alpacas to look beautiful when they come off the table. I provide shearing tables so that it is easy on our backs. I do nails, teeth, drenches, innoculation and always shear saddles first.  I can provide a roustabout if required. I also try and fit the shearing of your animals into your timetable. I also provide a generator if paddock shearing is preferred.
Mob: 0428 130 844

Shane Winslett
Mildura to Albury, Melbourne, Ballarat, Nhill, and everywhere in between.
I am an alpaca shearer based in Wedderburn, Victoria. I have about ten years’ experience shearing alpacas and llamas for breeders, people who show alpacas, farmers, pets etc. I shear, do teeth, toes (if and when needed), vaccinations, drenches, and skirt fleeces. I shear small mobs of ones and twos to large mobs and work runs to suit that area.
Tel (A/H): 03 5494 3249
Mob: 0438 944 933

Graham Moore
Greater Victoria
A professional shearer for many years and based in Strathbogie. I specialise in alpaca shearing, foot and teeth trimming, vaccinating and drenching for small to large herds.
Mob: 0428 845 945

Haydn Farman
Central Victoria
More than ten years experience shearing alpacas. No job too big or too small! All services available including, inoculations, drench, toenails, and teeth. Supply own shearing platforms to make life easier for roustabouts and handlers. For more information phone or email Haydn.

Justin Billman
Geelong to Mornington to Wodonga
I have been shearing alpacas for about 6 years now and offer vaccinations and nail trimming as well as shearing and good advice.  I specialise in small herds.
Mob: 0430 544 642



Susan Gunter
Small mobs sheep, goats, alpacas shorn, crutched, etc. No job too small.
Mob: 0429 705 146


South Australia

Trevor Edmunds
Located in the mid north but willing to travel.
Jut Jura Alpaca Stud
Mob: 0429 099 438

Greg Ruckert
Mob: 0402 318 183

Oliver Smith
Mobile from the Fleurieu Peninsula to the mid north and everywhere in between.
I will shear any herd size: from one alpaca and no maximum. I shear only alpacas and will include teeth, toenails and vaccinations upon request.
Mob: 0425 810 391


NOTE:   AABA Member Referred - These shearers have been recommended by AABA Members.

  • Haven VIC 3401, Australia
  • Ph: (03) 6248 8522

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