Why the AAR Exists

The AAR is an innovative database and alpaca register which commenced mid 2006.  The AAR is a foundation register and ANY alpaca is eligible to be registered, including alpacas of unknown parentage.

The Australasian Alpaca Register (AAR) is a superior way of registering your alpacas.

World First: record genetically-based coat patterns like Appaloosa, True Black, Bay and Tuxedo.
World First: record the colours of eyes, eyelashes, toenails, nose and footpads.

What are the benefits of having registered animals?

There are many benefits including:

1.  Formal identification with the alpaca's relevant information including date of birth, colour, pattern, etc.  This also helps when purchasing alpacas to ensure you are getting the right animal.

2.  Assistance with breeding decisions by being able to see previous generations colours, lines, etc

3.  History - know who bred the animal, it's genealogy, etc.

What if my alpacas have never been registered?

As a foundation register ANY alpaca is eligible to be registered on the AAR, even alpacas of unknown parentage. To register alpacas, simply complete AAR Form 1 Register Alpacas and send the completed form to the AAR Registrar.  Registrations and transfers can be paid for via our online store.

What if my alpacas are registered elsewhere?

No problem!  To register alpacas on the AAR, either complete AAR Form 1 Register Alpacas or forward copies of any certificates you have to the AAR Registrar. Registrations and transfers can be paid for via our online store.

How much does it cost to register my animals?

The registration fee is $5 per alpaca for a digital certificate and $10 per alpaca for a printed and digital certificate (including postage).  Wethers can be registered for FREE with a digital certificate!

And we also offer bulk discounts!! 10% off for 20 - 49 alpacas and 20% off for 50 + alpacas in the one transaction!!

Frequently Asked Questions

To find answers to frequently asked questions about the AAR, please visit Registration Q & A.

AAR Forms

Members can download the relevant AAR Forms at AABA Docs Online or by visiting the AABA Online Store.