Registration Q&A

How do we go about registering our animals with AABA?
Once you become a member of AABA, you have two options:
• Submit registration certificates from other alpaca associations
• Submit completed Form 1 Register Alpacas
Please contact the AAR Registrar for help or more information.

Registrations and transfers can be paid for via our online store.

What is the cost of registration?
The registration fee is $5 per alpaca for a digital certificate and $10 per alpaca for a printed and digital certificate (including postage).

How do I certify a male?
The AAR does not draw any distinction between intact males like the IAR. A breeder can use any male they wish in their breeding program. There is no additional charges for males over females.

If I get an outside mating from a non AAR animal, can the cria be registered?
Yes, the cria can be registered by providing proof of the sire owner’s permission and the details of parentage as normal.

Can the DNA tests on my IAR certified male be used for registration on the AAR?
No, as the type and number of markers used by the IAR are not compatible with the AAR. Also, as a significant number of IAR males never had their DNA actually tested, there may not be any results at all.

I run some alpacas that are registered with the AAA, a few in my name, a few in the old owners’ names (as I did not bother to transfer them into my name), as well as a few unregistered alpacas. Am I able to register the entire herd with AABA?
Yes you can register the entire herd with AABA, but you must be able to prove ownership.

Is it possible to register an animal on both the AAR and IAR?
Yes, if you are a member of both associations.

What if my alpacas have never been registered?
As a foundation register ANY alpaca is eligible to be registered on the AAR, even alpacas of unknown parentage.