AABA Alpaca Breed Standards

The AABA Alpaca Breed Standards was accepted by the foundation committee when AABA was incorporated.

The AABA Alpaca Breed Standards are an important component of the Australasian Alpaca Register (AAR). This document is not intended to limit members and their breeding choices but to provide a guide to the recommended standards of conformation and type in alpacas.

The AABA Alpaca Breed Standards can be downloaded by members at AABA Docs Online.

Australasian Alpaca Register (AAR) Regulation

The Australasian Alpaca Register (AAR) Regulation is intended to provide clear rules to our members registering animals on the AAR.

It includes definitions of terms used for registration of animal and breeder names while covering areas such as transactions on the AAR, member requirements for proof of ownership, tag requirements, exports, and DNA testing requirements as they relate to the AAR. It serves as a reference document and governs all members.

Download the Australasian Alpaca Register (AAR) Regulation


AABA’s most recent Constitution was accepted by the membership at the Special General Meeting in November, 2015.

This Constitution (Version 6) is the set of rules by which the committee is governed and members agree to abide by as a condition of membership to AABA.

Download the Constitution (PDF, 284KB)

Membership Promotion Pamphlet

The Membership Promotion Pamphlet is a brochure for prospective AABA members.

Current AABA members are welcome to download and print copies of the Pamphlet to have on hand at open days or when selling alpacas.

The Pamphlet is intended to be printed double sided then folded in thirds.

Download the Membership Promotion Pamphlet